Passionate About Inspiring Others

My coaching supports people in rising above  challenges, dealing with stress and conflicts in life; Turning unhealthy anger into peace and healthy anger.


I live in Ashford CT with my wife Kyung and have grown up son and daughter.

My father was an alcoholic with schizophrenia and anger issues. I was born into the challenge of overcoming stress. In addition to poor decisions I made as a youth, I brought more stress upon myself.


25 years ago I took a four day training run by Christian Life coaches. It helped me in a powerful way to make it through a challenging custody battle and overcome my own anger. I experienced forgiveness in a deeper way than I had ever seen. Since then, I have been involved with helping others with workshops and coaching. I am a certified Life Coach.


Being a certified life coach supports me by applying the Biblical principles in my own life and be more effective in encouraging others.


In a world that is getting increasingly stressful and angry, my goal is to guide people towards a path of maintaining peace, and see a bigger picture for themselves.
Challenges I have overcome: 
I  grew up with alcoholic angry father who committed suicide when I was 13 yrs. old. I started doing heavy drugs at age of 13. I had a season in teenage years of drugs alcohol and anger problems. I became a Christian at age of 17 and got away from drugs, alcohol, and trouble. 
I went through a bitter divorce and custody battle.  Soon after, I attended a Life Coaching Training. The trajectory of my life shifted.
I am now married to a wonderful, beautiful woman and gained a stepdaughter who has autism, and epilepsy.  The past 7 plus years I have lived as a parent of a special needs child.  Special needs parents are often the most patient, loving people. They deal with hardships that are difficult to imagine.

THE BOOK: From Anger to Peace

by Michael Grady

A book about the journey of a young man born into anger, who wanted a change.

Read how Michael was able to cross the bridge from anger and unforgiveness, to a life of contentment and peace.




My Qualifications

  I am a certified, trained life coach. I coach from a biblical perspective as well as a secular.

  • 8 years as a cell ministry coach, leading small groups training and coaching small group leaders at New River Church CT

  • 2 years as ministry leader of Celebrate Recovery in Wellspring Church CT

  • Over 30 years leading and coaching different small groups: Men’s groups, Bible fellowships, Cell groups, Celebrate Recovery Groups

  • Trained as a Life Coach in 2008