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One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching Direction:


We begin by getting clear on your vision, passion and dreams.

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your career? In your family?

Are health concerns becoming ever present? You fill in the blank.

You may be happy with most of your life. You might just need help in one area where you know you could be doing better, and just cannot seem to reach your full potential.


Our job is to help you get clear on what that looks like, and set up a plan to get there. 

Through action-oriented coaching, a path to transformation in the area of your choice, will be revealed.


We believe the answer to your vision/dream/passion coming to pass lives inside you. Meaning, you have the ability within you and good coaching just brings it out.

Clear Water Lake

Fearlessly advancing

How full would your life be if the obstacles that keep you distanced from what really matters to you - lost their power?

Coaching is for those of us who desire to live according to our hopes, as opposed to giving in once again to what holds us back.


Has not fear held you comfortably expressionless for long enough?
Would not your life abound if faith and hope were to transform the "disenchanting" into glimmers of new possibility?
Are you willing to be courageous?
How will you wrestle for the prize of your dreams?

As your coach, I invite you to stand with faith, belief and hope

for the prize of your own glory.


As your coach I invite you to stand with faith that you can rise above the challenges you are facing and shine as the star God designed you to be.
Coaching can facilitate increased perspective on your possibilities.
Do you find yourself in need of support to move forward effectively in your personal commitments, business, and relationships?
It is a human desire to accomplish a sense of success. When our dreams are encouraged and expanded, our vision becomes clearer, and our propensity toward achievement increases.





Coaching is affordable - Step into your vision for as little as $75/hour.

Pricing is reduced if more time is requested! 


Soar into your new life now!


Click Buy Now to purchase your Coaching Session.

(Prices per 60 minute Session)


Michael will call you to schedule your session.

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