Group Coaching


What is Group Coaching?


A group phone conference call that you dial into from your own home.  It has the flexibility of scheduling within an agreed time frame.


With the challenges of finding a small group that is run by a certified life coach, this is a good option. It's a unique coaching group designed to support 3-6 people.


Imagine a group where you can get clear on your vision and dreams for life and take real steps to see it come to pass. In addition, it is an environment where you can support others in seeing their dreams come to pass.


True community is a place where the power to help each other see transformation come to pass is normal and real.


In our world, isolation is becoming the norm. With digital devices so prevalent, we are losing our sense of community. In a rich community are people that we trust to be there for us, on our side and looking out for us. In our groups, we build trust in a way that supports you in your vision and teaches you how to speak into another's vision. By giving and receiving feedback in a group, we develop a community that builds winning strategies to face life's challenges.


You will learn how to develop healthy communities both at home and in your work place.


What those in group coaching are saying about it:


  • "It has helped me get clear on what is wanted by me in life, and attain my vision."

  • "I get direction, practical steps to take to win in day to day life."

  • "It has been helpful to me to get feedback from others, to see things in a different light."

  • "I have experienced breakthroughs in the process of group coaching."

  • "I received needed feedback from the coach and others in the group that opened my eyes so as to be able to change some difficult situations I've been struggling with."

  • "Giving feedback to others has been powerful for me and seeing how others have appreciated my insights and feedback has given me confidence to speak with boldness."




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