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Many studies show that the stress level of Americans is rising at an alarming rate. There are many reasons right now to be stressed such as Covid, war, the economy or even your family life. 


Coaching will give you the tools to help deal with stress, achieve and maintain inner peace and reach the life you envision.


Our job is to help you get clear on what that looks like and

set up a plan to get there.


Transform into a calm place WITHIN the storm



We support you with tools to help you transform into a calm place in the storm!


Our focus is to help people go from stress/anger to peace.  Many of us , are not taught or given tools to handle high levels of stress or anger.

For more challenges I have overcome;  get my book.


Anger coming out sideways or spilling out when we don't want it to, can hurt those we care about. The result being that we push people we care about away from us. 

Other times we think we should just put a lid on it and not express it at all. Which could end up meaning we just shut down.

None of the above expressions of anger will help us to build healthy relationships. Our coaching is about shifting your unhealthy anger/stress to healthy anger and motivation for life. Its hard to go from anger to peace, having a coach makes it easier.


Our job is to help you win!



1 on 1 Coaching

What you will get when you coach with me is a coach who is committed to seeing your vision for life be clarified and come to pass   in a reasonable amount of time.


Group Coaching

True community is a place where power to help each other see transformation come to pass is normal and real. Group Coaching is an environment of authentic community.

Waist Deep Fishing


Workshops are designed to help you look at your vision for life. They will help you to see it come to pass in an environment that is fun, interactive, learning adventure with other people like you who are seeking to rise higher in life and win in new ways!

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Do you have a desire to change, to grow, to transform a part of your life? 


We all know people that have made big changes in their lives.


We believe it's possible for any one to transform any area of their life.

This free ebook can help you get started!


"Coaching has helped me to open my eyes to be able to change a situation I've been struggling with. I would highly recommend coaching with Michael."

Jeremy Webb, Charlotte NC


"Michael Grady was inspirational to me as a life coach. He is both engaging and encouraging along with a visionary approach to coaching. He encouraged me to strive for goals

that are achievable but not overwhelming. Michael is also very easy to work with.

Down to earth, with a sense of humor and lightness that he brings to coaching sessions.

I have continued to see much progress in my life while being coached by him"

Mark Goheen, Bend OR


"Michael has been a dear brother in our church fellowship and I have had the privilege of serving alongside him in ministry for several years now. I have personally reviewed the material he teaches on 

forgiveness. Michael not only teaches it but he has lived it as well.

I believe his ministry in your life will be a huge blessing."

Pastor Doug Rowse, New River Church Manchester CT

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