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Etiquette/manners are the conventional rules that regulate social behavior. 


They govern being considerate of others, table manners, correspondence, online behavior, being a wedding guest, staying overnight outside of one's home, and getting along with co-workers.

Image by Susi Neumair - Wedding Dreamz

Etiquette used to be taught in schools. Now I teach Etiquette Classes!

  • Dining 101 - A tutorial that walks you through simple guidelines to build confidence in all dining situations from Prom Dinner to Job Interview and beyond. This class is designed to help one develop Dining skills so you are comfortable in Social and Business opportunities.

  • Etiquette Popourri - It’s the little things that make the big differences. Being Kind, Courteous and Respectful never goes out of style. Learn about the proper handshake, making eye contact and holding a door for someone. Grooming tips will be reviewed as well as cell phone etiquette do’s and don’ts and many more important topics for everyday application.


Call to schedule an etiquette class 603.365.1406


I am asked many times about a place to go for Afternoon Tea. The Silver Fountain Inn and Tea Parlor in Dover, NH is absolutely Elegant and decorated in true Victorian fashion. The menu is wonderful, the food is enjoyed as a feast for eyes first! Everything served is delicious from the tea sandwiches to the scones and sweet treats and tea selections.


Please visit the website and make plans to celebrate with friends and family.

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